Mission, vision & values

The African Housing Company (TAHC) is a property development and management company formed by a group of professionals and associates of African descent who are driven by the desire to provide good quality housing and thriving neighbourhoods in Africa for low and middle income groups.

In short we want to make a real difference and improve the quality of lives of people in low income living in poor housing conditions.

We are keen to use skills and knowledge gained abroad and locally to benefit communities across Africa, at the same time deliver adequate returns to shareholders and investors.

The fact that Africa is enjoying one of its best phases of economic development is without doubt. The inequality gap is, however, also growing at the same time.

There is clear evidence that affordable housing has not been given sufficient consideration during this period of rapid urbanisation in a lot of African cities. TAHC was set up to address the above gap.

Our ambition is decidedly pan African but also commercial. We will invest our resources and focus in countries where the framework is conducive to achieve our goals.

We are very positive that there are sufficient examples of countries where the market potential and opportunities are conducive to our aims. We believe there is room to be a for profit company with a strong sense of social purpose, and attaining high ethical standards.


Our mission is to build good quality affordable homes and good neighbourhoods where people can live, work and play safely.


By 2022 our distinctive ability to bring together a network of partners to build affordable homes, create thriving communities will have secured us a place among the top affordable housing providers in Africa.

To achieve this vision we aim to:

  • Develop at least 10,000 homes which will be a mix of housing for sale, rented, rent to buy and shared ownership;
  • Have presence in at least 5 countries in Africa;
  • Proactively promote environmentally friendly practices in the design, construction and use of homes we build. This includes high insulation levels in homes, rain water harvesting, minimising construction waste, use of local labour and training;
  • Provide the highest levels of customer service;
  • Maintain a highly skilled, talented workforce and network of partners;
  • Be financial sound and profitable – whilst making adequate return to shareholders.


We are committed to translating our core values into day to day practice. We have carefully developed our values and embedded it into our operating system and business practices.

Stewardship and Accountability

We are fully aware that conducting business in Africa is full of challenges. We are determined to use our best endeavours to conduct our affairs according to the best practice code of governance across the world.

We are committed to openness, transparency and integrity in our relationships with customers, employees, partners, investors and other stakeholders.

Dedication to customer service excellence

We are committed to provide our targeted customers homes, projects and services of the appropriate quality which offers value for money. Our service proposition is based on providing value for money, and that we are easy to do business with it.

We want to delight our customers. We will continually seek new ways of working to reduce costs of our products and deliver for our customers.


Delivery of affordable housing and projects is a business model where a number of partners come together to achieve project delivery on affordable terms. We are committed to bringing together a diverse network of partners to deliver our business mission.

We believe with team work we can change the way affordable housing and projects, are delivered in Africa. With God's grace and teamwork, we can truly change places where people live, work and play.


We are determined that TAHC is going to be in existence for generations to come. Our decisions and actions are going to be driven by long term ambitions other than short term expediencies'.

Our legacy will be shaped by our clear focus on delivering on our commitment to meeting the housing need of people on low/medium income in order to improve the quality of their lives.