What we do

We buy land, develop and sell good quality affordable homes.

We develop low cost neighbourhood markets.

Who do we work with?

At TAHC we work with three categories of people and institutions:

  • Banks and mortgage institutions, equity investment companies, high net worth individuals that fund and invest in housing development and projects;
  • State and national governments, institutions, employers, employee groups such as cooperatives and saving clubs that want to develop affordable housing;
  • Real estate companies, landowners interested in joint venture arrangements.

What are our capabilities?

Our skills are in architecture, project management, housing development, regeneration, housing management, corporate finance, marketing, customer service and running successful business.

We also have access to local and international affiliates with extensive knowledge of real estate and housing finance.

Where do we operate?

Our target areas of operations are Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana.

What is our investment philosophy?

Our development and investment philosophy holds that an understanding of the local landscape, patience and strategic long term planning are the proven elements that produce successful returns in Africa.

Our approach focuses on putting appropriate controls in place to mitigate some of the challenges and risks in developing in Africa, in order to provide adequate and sustainable returns and steady cash flow.

Our primary responsibility to investors will be to protect the investors and their funds while giving them a good return on their investments.

This we expect to do by:

  • Carefully selecting the development opportunities/countries that we participate in;
  • Managing and mitigating against risks;
  • Maintaining strong costs control mechanisms;
  • Ensuring security of assets and title, such as in relation to land;
  • Compliance with appropriate regulations and laws.